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Sea Tow License for Cuba offered for sale.

The territory for this License is for the entire country of Cuba


A recent Florida University study shows that approximately60,000 U.S. Boats will travel to Cuba the first year the embargo is lifted.

Sea Tow is an international marine assistance provider headquartered in Southold, NY. Presently, Sea Tow operates over 120 independently owned marine assistance franchise locations in the United States, Europe, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, in business since 1983. Known for the professionalism of its captains and its signature yellow boats. Sea Tow is the industry standard for non—emergency on–water assistance.

Total membership for just South Florida, on the East and West Coast is approximately 53,766. About one-third of the Sea Tow memberships in South Florida, are larger boats about 15,666.

Currently the annual Sea Tow Memberships are $179.00 for 2015. Membership prices will increase in 2017 to $189.00 and in 2018 to $199.00.  Cuba’s membership pricing has not been finalized, but has been discussed briefly at an additional $200.00 rider for boats traveling to Cuba in addition to their USA membership). Boats that are docked in Cuba would purchase membership at the $179.00 price and a $200.00 rider.

Presently there are no towing services available in Cuba, which is a concern of U.S. boats that are currently visiting Cuba.

Under present OFAC laws the buyer might be able to open Sea Spill immediately with approval of the Cuban Government. A service much needed in Cuba that is a very ECO conscious country.

Cuba Nautical Tourism:

Cuba to Foster Nautical Activities for Tourism Cuba, in an effort to make more attractive and diverse its tourism product, Cuba is committed to develop nautical activities, a modality with great potential but little exploited to date.

Tourism authorities told ACN their considerations on the opportunities and challenges to promote recreational activities in Cuban marinas and nautical areas.

Good articles on Cuba boating tourism.

Note: U.S. boats are already cleared to visit Cuba with certain restrictions.

For information on taking a U.S. boat to Cuba under current OFAC laws please visit

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